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My oldest child’s birthday is November the 11th. This year her birthday will fall on 11-11-11.
Kinda neat, huh?

Will be back later with pictures of a trip to Thun this past weekend. :D
Vilay already made his post about our day trip here.

I am off to finish cleaning my floors.  The easiest way to clean white tile floors is to mop the heck out of them without worrying too much about all the dirt, hair or whatever is small and left behind.

Just clean the floor really well.

After the floors have dried, pull out your sweeper and go to town on all that stuff that is a pain to mop up.  It is so much faster to clean the floor this way and the sweeper is so much better at sucking all that leftover dirt and hair up anyway.

(EDIT:  I forgot all about upright sweepers (vacuums) which may or may not be good for sweeping tile.  Actually…Just use your common sense as to whether or not it is a good idea to vacuum your floors with your vacuum based on whether or not it may cause damage.)

Later alligators!

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