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Vilay had a moment of genius while struggling to hang the middle frame of three good-sized poster prints. He finally decided to nail the ends of a string across the space and then nail the middle nail in at the level of the string. It was of course perfectly in the middle of the two other nails where the two other poster prints would be hung.  If that didn’t make sense the pic should help. :)

The framed posters hanging in our hallway.

We hung up all the framed images and photos that we have on Friday (the day we returned from our week in Strasbourg). It really made our apartment feel like home.

A photo that I took of a small snow-covered wood near our village hanging on our living room wall. It is kinda cool hanging up photos that I have taken!  I have three more black frames the same size to fill. The hardest part is deciding from all the photos that I have taken which three I want to hang in my apartment.

I am tired but like the energizer bunny I keep on going. School starts tomorrow. Yesterday, we went to Bienne to buy two pairs of pants for each kid. They don’t need much more as far as clothes go. So, I just have to concentrate of saving money for new shoes for my second grader, snow pants and boots for the two youngest and a good ski coat (all others are useless where we live) for my youngest daughter. That is much better than all the other years.  Normally, the list of what the kids’ need makes me want to cry.

I have a summer’s worth of images and memories to share with you all. With all my little ones in school I will finally have a few hours three times a week ALL TO MYSELF and I plan on using some of those precious hours to catch up here.

Have a great Monday!!!

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