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A castle for the birds

Sweet Bear was sitting at the kitchen table finishing her lunch.  She has two hours for déjeuner (lunch) and then she returns to école to finish out her day which ends at 4:05. 

Petite Clown goes only in the morning since les petits only take a nap in the afternoon.  Besides mornings are hard enough for her.  She is tired when she comes back.  In the morning when she sees the school she starts, “Mama, I don’t want to go to school.  I want to stay with you.”  It breaks my heart but I know she loves school once she is there and I am gone.  It is good for her. 


We are sitting at the kitchen table and Sweet Bear is watching the birds in the yard.  “Gabby (my inlaws dog) will chase those birds!” 

I explain that Gabby is too old to chase birds.  Poor Gabby at 16 years of age (about 112 dogs years) has trouble walking and no longer can run. 

“When Gabby was a puppy I bet she would chase the birds all over the yard.”, I tell Sweet Bear. 

Sweet Bear thinks for a moment.  “The birds will fly in the trees to get away from Gabby.  The trees are the birds Chateaux-Hauts!” 

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  • barbara February 16, 2007, 3:31 pm

    Hi Pumpkin,
    I love how Sweet Bear calls trees Châteaux-Hauts !
    That’s so cute !
    I think that sometimes, adults have turned off that imaginary part , that was so alive as children .
    Do your dialogues take place mostly in English ? Your children are probably bilingual, and that’s a great advantage to have in life :)
    Take care,

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