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A day at the park

Last week we had made a visit to a park while running errands in Strasbourg. Parks in France are typically very child friendly. The colors and design of the playground are functional and cute. There is almost always a gate completely surrounding the playground area securing any wanna be runaways from doing just that.

While there we saw another family with four babies. WHEW. I will not complain about my three babies again. I was very jealous because they had two very nice two seater strollers. I had wanted to buy a two seater but my husband did not want to spend the extra one hundred Euros on the stroller. So, we ended up buying the nice one seater that Boy Blue now uses instead.
I know if it were him that had to walk with the children to Sweet Bears school twice a day and across and alongside an extremely busy road, he would have most certainly found it necessary to buy the two seater.

Petite Clown decides either on the way to the school or the way back to throw a tantrum. She will stand in the middle of the sidewalk screaming because she is too tired to walk, I will not let her play in every single doorway of each house or building or she just feels like it. Most of the time I tuck the stinker child under my arm and end up pushing Boy Blue home with one hand.
My husbands reasoning for not spending the extra money on the two seater stroller? Because Petite Clown, at two, would be old enough to walk by herself. Yeah, RIGHT! Sweet Bear cries most of the time because she wants in the stroller, too. She is three!

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