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A small change with lots of work

Ok. I just changed my template to something that was more…me. But, I forgot about my Haloscan commenting system. All my old comments dissapeared! I would like to ditch Haloscan but it is not so easy. Luckily, I had saved my old template before I switched so I just copy and pasted it back into Blogger.

Oh, well. Maybe, someday I will figure it all out. For the meantime I think I will keep things as they are and when we are out of the hole look into maybe switching to Typepad or WordPress with my own dot com (this would be when things are much better).

All because I am a control freak and like everything my way!

My dream would be WordPress. I love WordPress blogs. But, Typepad is very clean and nice looking too. Decisions, decisions. Good thing I have a while to wait.

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