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A small, small world

The Blue Planet
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Ten years ago if you would have told me I would be living in France with a french husband and have three more children. I would have told you you were crazy! You might as well have told me I would be living on the moon with an alien. Actually, sometimes I feel like that is more true than not. Remember the Coneheads in that movie with Dan Akroid? Dan Akroid says, “We come from France.” I love that part in the movie…so does my french husband. But, that is how we feel isn’t it? For us to think of living in another country is like living on another planet. Or when we meet people from other countries it is a little like they are aliens.

For my family to travel to France is like such a big deal! First, they have to get a passport. Second, a plane ticket and last fly for around ten hours to get to Strasbourg. “It is just so far!”, my mother tells me. The truth is that for her to fly to Strasbourg takes about five hours less in time than for her to drive to her sisters in South Carolina which she has done several times. My mother asks me why in world did you move so far away? Why? I wanted to live my life.

Before moving to France I was working on an average of fifty hours a week. I was not happy and very, very stressed. Even when I was home I was not really there. I was to tired and to stressed to do more than function. I was not living. I was merely going from one day to the next. Financially, it was not easy to say the least. Daycare for Little Bear was almost one hundred and forty dollars a week. When we found out I was pregnate with Petite Clown it was just more than we could handle. Two babies in diapers and daycare! Not to mention all the money for shots and hospital bills. Twenty dollars every time one of the children had to go to the doctor. With three children it was adding up faster than we could imagine. So, moving to France felt more like escaping than moving.

In France, I am able to stay home with the children. Even though Angel Girl decided to stay in America, I am able to spend more quality time with her now than when she lived with me in America. We have all summer and Christmas breaks together. And we enjoy every second.
My life in France is full of time. Time to take walks and eat and rest. In France you are not bored like in America. There is always something to do or see. And everywhere it is beautiful. It is no mistake that France is the most touristic country in the world. To live here is like being on vacation full-time. Yes, you still have to work and go to the grocery but you do so in a country that is full of history and beauty and a culture that values quality of life.
It is sure that I now have a higher quality of life. I am a better mother, wife and person for it. I love La France and will die here. I do not ever want to leave. France is my home. I am home now.

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