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From a kid’s perspective

Sweet Bear got a hold of my camera, again! She took this shot of flowers located in my inlaws backyard. Their backyard is very nice with a huge shade tree and a small garden. All my children enjoy it very much.

They, also, love Gabby. Gabby is 15 years old. However, she is fast! She will grab food right out of the hands of a baby faster than you can say, “Gabby…no!”

The other day she sucked up a pain au chocolate before Petite Clown knew what had happened. With empty hands and the taste of chocolate still on Petite Clown’s lips, Petite Clown cried out in a fit of anger. We replaced her pain au chocolate with another. Petite Clown ate it in the kitchen without fear due to the glass door that kept a watchful and drooling dog at bay.

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