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A walk before bedtime makes for sweet dreams

We needed to work out the cramps in our muscles from yesterdays long walk.

After dinner was finished and the dishes cleaned up, we headed out for a walk. I think it took us longer to convince the kids to go and get their coats on than it did to take the walk.

Once we got out of the village and in the mountains the kids went exploring in the fields and around trees. They didn’t fight or argue. Instead, they ran together examining one find after another like little scientists.

All images are clickable for larger image.

Petite Clown followed the tracks right into the field. Afterwards, she had to find her own way.

On the way back, Sweet Bear kept to herself far ahead of us. She was a tiny dot on the horizon.

Petite Clown and Boy Blue played together in the field enjoying the fresh air.

In the summer, the pond is host to an enchanting frog orchestra. There is some snow still nestled into the colder parts of the ground.

Boy Blue usually will not walk without holding my hand. Tonight, Vilay gave him a stick to carry. He became so engrossed in his stick that Mama could have been on the moon that was following us for all Boy Blue would have known.

Sweet Bear came up with that. She told me that the moon was walking with us. I love seeing the world from a child’s eyes. So, I played along. I told her that the moon was lonely but now it was happy to be with us. When we looked up at the moon, there was in fact the makings of a smiling face.

Reaching for the moon.

Yes, that teeny tiny dot is a half moon.
I was surprised my camera even caught that!


I have decided to go back on what I had said a while back about not putting up photos of my children online.

In the end, I have decided to do what I am comfortable with which is uploading photos of my children to my blog and not using flickr for these particular photos. I will only put up photos of the children were they are not recognizable.

I know there are you readers out there who have been reading this blog for over two years and like to see how the kids have grown. They seem to grow another half inch every time I turn around!

I am recording their childhood on this blog as much as all the other rambling I do. I think it will be nice if they have some images to go along with their story.

I am comfortable sharing photos with readers on my blog but flickr is just too out there. I think that is what made me nervous about it all. However, I do feel the need to honour my children’s privacy and that is why I will be careful about what I do post.

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  • expatraveler April 17, 2008, 3:57 am

    oh that is a dream… the weather and a peaceful walk like that!

  • Pumpkin April 18, 2008, 9:10 am

    We went on a walk yesterday after I picked up my daugther from school. It is nice to feel my leg muscles again even if they are a little sore. I have put on a little weight this winter and am looking forward to getting out on walks to work it off.

    It feels so good to walk.

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