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A woman’s choice???

Petite Clown
I was at Connie’s blog reading her very thoughtful post about a woman’s right to choice on “Blog for Choice” day which was yesterday, January the 22. I thought about blogging in regard to this issue but changed my mind because I don’t really support abortion. I do, however, support a woman’s choice to decide the fate of her child’s life, not death. Here is my comment to Connie’s great post:

“While I don’t agree with abortion in any situation, I do understand that it is a social issue. I think that the problem is women do not have any real support.

I knew some friends that had abortions in high school and they never ever forgave themselves. They told me that they always thought about how old their baby would have been and what kind of person it would have become.

I know the solution is not easy. I know this. But, what is not acceptable is that these women usually see no other option because of their families and co-workers. If they carry the baby to term even to give it up for adoption, their careers and family ties may suffer. I personally wouldn’t care what people thought or did. But, I understand that others are not as willing to put it all on the line. Our society must change. If we as a society want to truly support women’s rights then we must support them completely. I feel that women have MORE of a right to get an ABORTION than to have the baby and give it up. It is easier to kill the baby than it is to have the baby and give it up. Imagine if you were an executive at a company and got pregnate but were not ready to have a baby. What would your choice be? To carry the baby to term and give it up? Hmmmm. Not sure how that would go down at work and for your career. If you get an abortion… That is just messed up!”

If the American government would put more money into resources for women in these situations and into education of the public, maybe just maybe, less women would choose to abort. Society in general agrees that abortion is not the best solution, but this same society offers no REAL support for women that would perhaps choose to give the baby up for adoption or even keep it.

And, why is Viagra covered by most health plans but not birth control? Why??? So, our society supports a woman’s right to abort but not to take birth control. Think about it? Hmmmm….maybe, men are behind this. Woman’s rights??? Right!

My best friend in highschool had an abortion because her boyfriend convinced her it was best. She regrets the abortion to this day. She lives with a sadness in her heart now and a love for a child never born because she felt she did not have a choice. Society let her down. Society let her fall.

Is the right to abort really the issue or is it that women have no other REAL choice but the easy one because society is willing to talk but not willing to give.

Support the women in your life by telling them that you love them and support ALL their decisions and will not let them fall. I will tell my girls that they are powerful and strong. They have the right to choice the path of their life and I will never ever let them fall. I don’t want them to live with such a heavy regret and loss just because they did not have the support to make a completely informed decision with support all the way through.

The solution is not the choice of abortion but the choice of a real and happy life for both mother and child together or apart. Doesn’t society owe women this much??? So, why is the easy way out pushed up front and not the right of the woman to keep the child or give it up for adoption with the FULL support of society from the beginning to the end? Why is money not given to programs to educate? And, why not reorganize the society from top to bottom making it possible for a woman to really choice what is best for her and not society.

So, let’s have a day to protest that women are not given any real support to make an informed and honest decision about the path their life will take? Why not protest that no money is set aside for women? If the President was really a man of God and doesn’t support abortion, then, why ohhhh why is he more worried about putting money into bombing and killing other countries children and not into education and support of women saving the lives of America’s lost children? It all makes me tired and sick. Politics.

Crazy, just crazy.

***I just wanted to add that I do think that in the current society that it is a hard and diffulcult place for a woman in this situation and like Connie said on her blog sometimes it is just not black and white. I do not believe in abortion but understand why a woman does it. It is not because she is a bad or ignorant person. And, I am sure many of you reading this have another opinion about this subject due to your personal experiences in life. I just felt I needed to let my opinion out and it just kinda came out from the heart.

This is a picture of Petite Clown who was not planned. Her father asked me to get an abortion because he has a different opinion on this subject than I. I told him I could not and if he loved me he would try to understand. It was not easy on our marriage for several months due to financial strains and the fact that Sweet Bear was only four months old when I got pregnate with Petite Clown.

Today, my husband loves Petite Clown and is happy I did not get an abortion. Everyday she shines her sunshine on us and makes us laugh. We can’t imagine having not had her.

Just a little history as to why I placed her toothy grin in this post.

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  • David Morrison February 15, 2006, 10:31 am

    This was a really good post…and one I appreciated a great deal. Life can be very difficult, a regular tumbled up and busted out affair with plenty of skinned knees and not to mention broken hearts!

    One of best friends began taking a pro-life position on the day after one of the pro-choice marches on Washington in the in the (now) previous century.

    Reporting on the March the Washington Post quoted one of the marchers as being the father of a child who had not been aborted because abortion then was illegal and instead given up for adoption. Throughout his life the man said (who was then age s0-something) he had wondered and grieved at what had happened to that little child and wished his mother had just been able to abort him.

    As I looked up from reading the quote to my friend and found him with a shocked look on his face. It turns out he had been adopted. “That could be my biological father talking about me,” he said. And from that moment he has been pro-life.

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