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Aarau, Switzerland

As I told you, my husband and I like to travel on the weekends. Usually, we go to a little village near Strasbourg that we have never seen or revisit a favorite like Obernai. However, this Sunday we decided to go to Switzerland! So, we got in the car and drove about an hour crossing the border with the wave of a hand. The guards hand that is. Not one guard asked to see our passports on the way there or the way back. I think the french license plates and three babies in the backseat helped. I am used to going to Germany. No guards. Visiting Germany from France is a little like visiting Kentucky from Ohio. You just cross the river and you are there! So, having to slow down to be waved across into another country was a little exciting. We ended up stopping in Aarau. There was no particular reason for stopping there. But I am happy we did. Aarau is a very charming city full of houses with the underside of the roofs painted. It was very relaxing to stroll along the streets and sidewalks of square stones fitted together and to climb various stairs throughout the city discovering a new set of houses full of colorful and original roofs and shutters. The city is very clean and well laid out. The people who live there are laid back and friendly. Each person we stopped was more than willing to give directions or information. Around five o’clock the streets and sidewalks were dotted with people walking or sitting at a cafe talking and enjoying the nice weather.I recommend visiting this city for at least two hours to walk the streets admiring the undersides of the roofs. I never thought I would tell someone to visit a city to admire the underside of a roof! However, you will not be disappointed.

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