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All a bunch of clowns

We were in La Chaux-de-fonds this Saturday. On our walk from the train station to the Carrefour we passed these signs.


A poster of Christoph Blocher, current Swiss Minister of Justice, and member of UDC party (Swiss People’s Party). Someone has spray painted a red clown nose and Hitler black mustache with a swastika by his tie and FACHO written over the Swiss flag.


Another poster on the same road just a few feet from the one above. I think the person who did this is saying the Socialist party is full of a bunch of clowns.

Currently, there is a campaign to “kick out all the black sheep” in Switzerland. The campaign is led by Christoph Blocher shown in the first photo of this post.

Who are the black sheep you may ask? Easy.

Any foreigner that commits a crime in Switzerland. Blocher is pushing for all foreigners that commit crimes to be kicked out of Switzerland along with their families.

On October 6th, 2007, pre-election violence broke out in the Swiss capital of Bern. Extreme left groups disrupted a Nationalist party’s election rally. Here is a video I found.


Click here to read a great article about Blocher and his rise in Swiss politics as well as his push for the black sheep campaign. I usually don’t like to read about politics. However, I read through the entire three pages. It is very well written and he is an interesting character even if I don’t agree with his tactics.

It is an interesting time to be living in Switzerland as an expat. I don’t consider myself an immigrant because we are planning to go back to France in a few years. If I were an immigrant I would be even more upset about all the issues that are swirling around in Switzerland.

Elections to the federal parliament of Switzerland are to be held today. Even after the election is over today the issues will still remain unsolved.

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  • SwissGuy October 22, 2007, 9:14 pm

    The outcome of this elections is a shame for Switzerland!

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