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And throw away the key

Just get the key and unlock the door!!!! This was my plea over and over and over again. I had to go to the doc to get three stitches taken out of my hand. Another story. Anyway. I had the silly idea that my almost three year old daughter might like to stay with Mama at the doc’s office. Hello! What was I thinking? All she wanted to do was go to the restroom ohhhh about a zillion times to wash her hands. And after about ten minutes of fishing her out of the restroom she decided she would go in without me and CLICK! went the door! And THAT’S GREAT!!!! went the mama! The lady across from me asked if she had just done what she thinks she did. I checked the door and yelp. It was locked! I could not see one thing through the key hole. And each time I asked her to open the door her response in english and french. “You are MEAN!” Me. Moi. Mean! Ohhhhh was she going to get it! Next, I hear the key hit the floor. No chance now of turning it from the outside as if that really was possible! The doctor had all his scissors and I don’t know what else trying in a sweat to unlock the door. He spoke in french, in english and I am not sure why in german. Nothing! Just the sound of the soap dispenser being worked like crazy. Then, more water. In the end the doc had to call the firefighters who lifted the door up with a crow bar. Finally, she slid the key under the door! And upon opening the door I see my daughter standing sheepishly to the side and the soap dispenser in the middle of the restroom floor. C’est la vie, right?

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