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Appointment is set

I have set an appointment for Vilay on Thursday in Cincy with an immigration officer.  I could only do it today since my schedule for work wasn’t posted until this afternoon. 

I think they may give him an interim work authorization.  No one told us that he could get that before.  I just read about it by chance online as I was setting his appointment.  I was given information about an interim work authorization and what form to bring.  I am praying that there is no fee attatched since we have paid for the real thing already.  We don’t have the funds for it.  We have 20 dollars that needs to last two and a half weeks.  Thankfully we just bought a huge supply of diapers.

I am keeping my head up during all of this.  I am still smiling and happy.  I know when you read some of my posts I may seem really down.  Sometimes…I am.  However, most of the time I am not.  We will do what we must regardless of where that takes us. 

I am not afraid. 

I only want to get through this shaky period so that we can have our life back. 

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  • roland December 31, 2006, 9:40 am

    je suis toujours là!
    even if I don’t say any think I’m steal reading your blog everyday.
    It’s difficul to say something to help you.
    Life seems to be hard on the both sides of the Atlantic.
    Vous avez du courage et de la force…et je vous dit bravo!
    As a french I am not to much in the “hug style ” but I want you to know that if I could I would help you in your strugle for happyness
    Avec la foie la petite Jeanne conduisait une armée à 16 ans !
    Que Jeanne soit avec toi (et nous aussi…on est tous derrière toi)

  • Pumpkin January 1, 2007, 1:04 am

    Roland, Thank you. It gives me strength knowing I am not alone. Everyone needs others behind them supporting them.

    I wish you and your family a Happy New Year filled with love and happiness.

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