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Art Expo at the Christmas party

All the parents were surprised at last night’s Christmas party with an art exposition.

Parents were given a guide to all the pieces of art. Each displayed piece had a number next to it. Parents could search in the guide to find the number that corresponded to their child’s name. This way parents could easily search through the art gallery for their child’s art work.

It was impressive…not only what the teachers came up with but all the work that the students had done.

It truly was a beautiful art exposition.  

I take my hat off to the teachers.  

I couldn’t be happier with the education that my girls are receiving in their classroom.  

After parents had made their way through the art exposition, everyone listened to the students sing and play small musical instruments during three Christmas songs. We all ate and drank afterwards mingling with the other parents and students.

(All photos were taken by Vilay.)

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