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Arte in Strasbourg

Arte is one of my favorite French tv stations which I will sometimes watch in the evenings on France 5 (which is free). Arte is, also, available all day on cable. While not all of the programs are good, many of them are very interesting. Just like any tv station everyone will find something that they like…to each his/her own. So, what exactly is Arte?

Arte is a Franco-German TV network, which aims to promote quality programming related to the world of arts and culture. Its facilities are located in Strasbourg (headquarters) and Baden-Baden.

Source: wikipedia.org

Below are a couple pictures of the Arte headquarters in Strasbourg.

Here is a picture of a bike that was in front of the Arte building. In Strasbourg, many people will paint and sometimes decorate old bikes to make them look pretty instead of just old. Some are like creations of art as this bike is. How perfect that it was just in front of the Arte building the day I was taking pictures for Alsace photoblog.

Here’s a close up of the handle bars. I’m sorry about the weird color of the pictures. I had left my digital camera in night mode without knowing it.

Some links to Arte:


Arte’s Official website

Arte radio.com
Google maps

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