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As easy as ABC


While reading Seseme Street ABC-123 to Sweet Bear and Petite Clown, I asked them to tell me what colors were on the number 6 and 7 page. Seven jars of paint dot the bottom of this page. There is a red jar, a blue jar, a green jar, a yellow jar, an orange jar, a purple jar and a pink jar of paint. I pointed to each jar and asked them to tell me what color each jar was.

Sweet Bear did a good job and only had trouble with yellow, in English, which she could only remember how to say in French. She kept saying blue in English and would not say bleu in French. She could not tell me the color pink or purple in French or English. She can count up to 10 in both languages and up to 12 in French. She can look at objects grouped together and tell me how many objects there are in a group of up to 4 straight out without counting 1-2-3-4 touching each object like most children do. She impresses me daily with her ability to understand French and English while keeping it all straight.

The funny thing is that Petite Clown is doing just as well. She didn’t really know any of the colors. But, she can count up to six in French and English only forgetting the number 3 in both languages. She wants to skip it all together with the attitude that it is the most useless number in the world. I knew how to clear that problem up. While holding three cookies in my hand I asked her to tell me how many there were and if she could I would give them to her. Without hesitation she screamed out, “THREE COOKIES…1, 2, 3. Petite Clown eat cookies!” And, she did. However, much to her unhappiness she had to share with both her sisters. After all, learning to share is as important as learning to count.


red – rouge
blue – bleu
green – vert
yellow – jaune
orange – orange
pink – rose
purple – violet

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