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Avallon, France

Avallon, France is a medieval city with seven flanking towers still standing out of the remains of anceint fortifications.

The Romanesque church of St-Lazare is dated back to the 12th century. It is said that in 1000 the church received the head of St. Lazare making it a pilgrimage site. The church has two doorways that are richly decorated. However, time has left her mark on the figures sculpted into the doorways. The past clings to this city in such a way that if it were not for the scars of age left upon the church and many cars it would be easy to imagine yourself in the 15th or 16th century from which many of the houses are dated back to.

The Tour de l’horologe, a structure containing the old door to the city, is dated back to the 11th century. Presently, it has a museum in the top floors. Crossing through the old doors to the city is like passing through time.

Vauban was born in Morvan, the region park in which Avallon is found, in 1633. Vauban’s statue is found watching over Parc de Vauban with great importance. Rightly so, since Vauban was the great military engineer of Louis the 14th, the sun king. He fortified many cities in France especially those cities close to the borders such as Strasbourg.

The legend of King Authur is said to have begun in Avallon. Riothamus a great military leader believed to be King Authur, disappeared from history retreating from a battle with Eurich, King of Visigoths, to a small city in Burgundy called Avallon.

Avallon, the Coeur de Borgogne, is located on a ridge at an altitude of 254 m. It has 8,559 habitants and is about two hours from either Paris or Lyon. It is famous for it’s wonderful food.
I did not expect Avallon to be so beautifully preserved and scenic. Once reaching the end of the historical main street you find yourself gazing over a valley of picturesque tranquility.

On this video, I have placed the pictures that I took from my trip in the correct order so that it would seem as if you were walking through the medieval city streets with me.

Here is a link to a website that has old postcards of Avallon. The images are very, very beautiful as well as special due to the fact that these images are from a time long gone. However, the city of Avallon remains almost untouched by time.

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