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Awards are listed in order received.

A Swisstory

I would like to thank Jessica at A Swisstory for giving me an award on her blog recently.  

I am honored.  

Please check out Jessica’s wonderful blog which is full of useful information about moving to and living in Switzerland.  She has beautiful photos and a happy energy about her that makes her blog one of my favorites.

I love her description of who is writing her blog (It is short and sweet but I think it reflects her blog perfectly):

I’m American. He’s Aussie.
We’re living in Switzerland. We are writing our own Swisstory.

Around the World in Beautiful Shoes

Carra over at Around the World in Beautiful Shoes gave me an I love your blog award.  Thank you, Carra!  I think you already know that I admire you for all your hard work and sticking to your values in the face of trying times.  You are such a talented and beautiful person.

I love your blog, Carra!  

About Carra in her own words:

After wondering across Europe a couple of times, getting married and learning some new languages, as well as developing a skill for buying a good French cheese and wine, criticising anything Spanish and loving everything English, I am back where I started (Lithuania). It might seem bad especially considering I spent most of my life trying to get out of this place…However I still am myself… A writer/poet/journalist. A human being, a wife and a mother of two boxer dogs… Lets see what the waves of life will bring my way next.

If you haven’t before, you need to visit Carra’s blog to read about her strong spirit and caring soul.   

I can’t pick only a few blogs out of all the wonderful blogs that I read to pass on these awards to.  I admire several bloggers for their writing and photography that it would be impossible to mention them all in a single post.  Many are listed in my sidebar and I share others on a regular basis through posts on this blog.

Award to the blogging community

I would like to take this opportunity to give out my own award and say thank you to all my readers and to all the bloggers that have touched my life.  

Thank you!

I *heart* all of you.

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