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Baitchai for children

The children in our village celebrated Baitchai again this year. They made as much noise as possible at each house until the owner of the house gave them money or candy to go away. :)

There weren’t as many participants this year as in the years past due to Baitchai falling on a school break.  School is closed this week and many villagers have left on vacation.

My children beg me every year to bring this xylophone to Baitchai. Every year I say no but in the end let them take it. Every year, they just drag it all over the village not really making NOISE with it like they are suppose to.

The kids wear white t-shirts or jackets and some have white hats.

My kids were mostly interested in sticking their noise makers in the snow than actually making noise. :)

All the kids at a house.

Still dragging that xylophone!

My son refused to make any noise whatsoever and just carried around HUGE snowballs.

Here is my daughter filling up her pot with snow that she is suppose to be banging on!!!

The kids just weren’t as into Baitchai this year due to the low participation numbers. They did, however, enjoy all the candy that they got from Baitchai even if they didn’t work so hard for it! :)

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  • expatraveler February 19, 2010, 7:00 am

    That sounds like so much fun!!! Even if they didn’t work so hard… It’s like a different type of halloween or something..

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