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Baitchai for the children


The children ran to the door of the house making as much noise as they could until the owner of each house opened the door to give them donations of candy, chocolate, cookies and money. If no one was home the children would check the mailbox to see if there were any goodies left for there.

Here are a couple photos on the way back to the restaurant where we met up before and after.



When we got back to the restaurant the children were treated to free hot dogs and french fries. Perhaps the money that was collected paid for it all but I am not sure? For dessert the children ate the cookies that that were collected at the houses. These were distributed equally between the tables of children. At the door as we were leaving each child was given a goody bag full of candies and chocolate collected from all their hard and noisy work.

I found it a little like Halloween which was celebrated by small groups of tricker treaters and residents in our village. The difference is that the kids have to share the goodies and go through the village in small groups working together to make all that noise!

It was too much fun.

Next year, we will join the Baitchai once again!!!

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