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Balancing it all out

We took Boy Blue and Petite Clown into the county health department for their shots today.  Boy Blue got two (he had already gotten two a couple months back from this health clinic) and Petite Clown got one.  Each shot was 5 dollars totaling up to 15 bucks.  I wasn’t upset to pay that for the shots since I had a 20 dollar copay with my previous health insurance anyway.  I know it is more than we would pay in France but we are still waiting to get approval for the free health care for children offered in Ohio called Healthy Start.  Once we have that I don’t think we have to pay based on our income but once we make more money then we would pay more.  We were having trouble with the county that my mother’s house is in.  The social workers were…mmmm…no way to be nice about this one.  They were cows.  Customer service is a joke because they just don’t care.  Now, that we are living in another county we will get the health care insurance straightened out and the customer service is wonderful. 

I think it is funny that one county over offers more aid to families and is professional and caring while the other county is very unprofessional and offers very little aid.  Our children qualify for free health care in both counties but I could never get it set up in the county my mother lives in even after they copied all the birth certificates and what not.  Also, we qualify for food stamps, cash assistance and WIC in my father’s county of residence.  This county doesn’t take into account how much my dad makes at his job while in my mother’s county they did take into account my mother’s income.  I don’t know if I will get food stamps or cash assistance because of my pride, but I did go ahead and transfer the free health care coverage application to our new county of residence as well as get WIC for the babies.  I want to do it just for a few months until Vilay works so that we are not getting in the hole.  It really will help and all I care about is the kids getting what they need. 

I am working 50 hours between both jobs this week.  I will have to quit one of the jobs when Vilay gets hired somewhere.  Both of the jobs really like me.  I am a hard worker and have a strong background in retail.  Plus, I have to say that I do provide a high level of customer service.  I try to always treat customers like I want to be treated.  Good customer service obviously equals good sales.  So, I am happy in both of my jobs working my way to Florida.

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  • Julie October 31, 2006, 5:55 am

    You are a very good Mother!

  • samantha October 31, 2006, 8:31 pm

    Good for you for signing up for WIC. I worked for them for a year before moving here and loved it. It makes me so mad now to hear that so much of their funding has been cut by Bush – what a convenient way to avoid raising taxes and yet pay for the war at the same time. Way to go Mr. President, taking food from the mouths of babes who need it.

  • kim October 31, 2006, 9:35 pm

    Take the help, I know it’s hard and I totally understand the pride thing, but you pay for it anyway, at one time in your life you will pay for it, so when it can help you now, take it:)

    It sounds like you guys are doing so well! And Julie is right, you are such a great mother!!!

    bisous and happy halloween:)

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