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Be a kid and play!

After fighting spammers for the last three days, I needed a break. The girls and I like to play with this website when some steam or stress needs let off. It is simple yet addictive.

To learn how David Blessler created the pipecleaner dance, please, click here.

I have went through all of my archives and closed comments up to March. I have one very persistant spammer who is making the same comment on every single post starting from the first one I ever made to the next and the next….and so on.

Of course, I haven’t approved not one of them because his website is phoney as is the email address given. So, why would he or a robot keep trying post after post??? I think if they don’t get in, the second best thing is to annoy the hell out of you. For the past three days I have had to mark up to 15 comments a day as spam. I hope I didn’t accidently mark a real comment as spam. I was very careful.

Here is the comment that is trying to be passed through my moderation:

Great article. I am just sad I dont know how to reply properly, though, since I want to show my appreciation like many other.

At first glace it looks like a real comment. Luckily, I always check the website links to just be sure there’s no surprises. It is not a good address and takes you no where. Tricky spammers! They should know that a mother of four has all the patience in the world.
Shouldn’t spammers worry about bigger bloggers and leave little ‘ol me alone! ARRRRRR!

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  • Alison April 9, 2006, 3:39 pm

    The spammers can be relentless. And they’re getting sneakier with their comments!

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