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Beary Merry Holidays

The Christmas holiday has gotten much brighter since Angel Girl arrived. Not only did she arrive without jet lag, she got her Christmas wish. Her Christmas wish was for snow. We will go out this afternoon or tomorrow and attempt to bring Aunt Julie back to life.

I would like to take Angel Girl to some of the little villages here in Alsace near the Vosges. She has fallen in love with these villages as deeply as I have. Snow on the Vosges is too beautiful for words. But, it is hard to get out to the villages since Boy Blue joined the family. Our family has outgrown the car. We are a family of six with a car for five. And three of the six members of the family require carseats. I may ask my husbands parents to keep the two youngest girls one afternoon so we can take Angel Girl to some of the villages near Colmar.

These villages are beautiful all year round. At Christmas these villages are extra special. Most houses have homemade Christmas decorations around the windows and doors. I think the plain decorations like shown above are much more beautiful and unique. However, more and more houses are putting up Christmas lights. Even in America, I only liked the plain white lights done in moderation. As a child, I liked the gawdy colored lights wrapped all around the houses blinking and screaming with color.

Now, I understand the simplest things in life bring the most beauty and the most pleasure. Like building a snowman with my family in the middle of a park in Strasbourg. If you happen to be in Strasbourg and pass a Snow Woman please stop to say hello. It may be our Aunt Julie.

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