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Beaune, France

Beaune, France is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. As a tourist, I was able to walk around the city peacefully with my family. I did not feel overwhelmed or crowded by other tourist or local residents. The streets are clean and easy to navigate which is important with our two strollers and three babies ages three and under. There are many beautiful buildings and streets to explore in Beaune. There are several restaurants and hotels to accommodate your stay. I would advise giving yourself at least one full day for Beaune alone. In fact you could spend a week exploring the department of Beaune which is Cote d’ Or. Don’t forget this is wine country and you are bound to drive through several villages around Beaune with world famous wine names and Dijon, famous for it’s mustard, is just nearby. I am sorry we did not have the time to see the center of Dijon. I have heard that it is worth seeing! There is lots of history in Beaune including a famous French comedy that was filmed there. Check out this web site I found to help you discover more about Beaune. http://perso.wanadoo.fr/hotel.alesia/Beaune-GB.htm So, if you are planning on visiting Dijon or Beaune be sure to grab your english-french dictionary and be prepared to be awed by beautiful wine fields and cities rich in history and I am sure you will find the people who live there as warm and charming as I did!

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