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Beautiful day spent in Neuchâtel

Neuchâtel is one of our favorite places to get away for the day. It is always relaxing.

The girls playing by the water.

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I would love to have been on that sailboat!

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A large tourist boat cruising by as a man is fishing from his much smaller boat.  I loved how the birds would sit on the yellow markers floating in the water.

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A man painting in the city.

Neuchâtel 074
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The castle sits on top of the city and is well preserved.  It is a must see if you find yourself in Neuchâtel.

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Two birds resting on rocks near the lake.

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The lake always has plenty of activity to keep your interest as you quietly eat lunch on the rocks leading down to the lapping waves or at one of the many picnic tables found near the water.

Two tailed lizard!
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A fork tailed lizard.

There were lizards all around the rocks.  The kids were beside themselves as they ran from one lizard find to another.  Sometimes, it seemed as if the lizards were running with them.

Lizard in Neuchâtel
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This lizard stopped long enough for me to snap his portrait before he dissapeared into a crevace in the rocks.

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In the back of the photo are the Alps with snow on the top.

Large Hadron Collider doesn’t cause the end of the world – yet.  The LHC is buried in the Jura mountains on the Franco-Swiss border.  Scientists hope to replicate the big bang using the LHC.  The first test of the LHC in motion (so to speak) was today and it was a success.  In October, scientist are planning on a second test involving sub-atomic collisions which replicates the big bang.  It is this test that some argue will cause tiny black holes which will swallow the Earth.

The official website for Large Hadron Collider.

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  • expatraveler September 10, 2008, 8:23 pm

    I love the wide angle views!

    I think you can look at Switzerland much like it is here. Although it’s landlocked, you have many lakes close by. These lakes are much the same as the ocean, yet I’d rather swim there than in the salt water. You are right about opportunity to travel more, but since Switzerland is so condensed, there is so much to see so close by. That is one thing I miss and adore!

    I think your photography is getting better and better! :)
    Love all of the pics, my favs are the sailboat pics and the middle with the man painting in the city.

  • sissi September 10, 2008, 9:38 pm

    Me too! Like exptat I love the photo of the white tiny sail boat in the middle of the lake.
    It is a beautiful place.
    And it seems to be a sunny day! Good!

  • Julie September 11, 2008, 3:41 am

    Nice pics!

    Also, I’ve responded to the comments under Signs of Fall. I’m not always able to get online everyday.

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