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Berne (Bern), Switzerland photos

We took the train to Bern on Thursday. We felt the need to get out of the village. Since it was a holiday in the Jura, Vilay didn’t work. The weather was warmer than it had been all week which didn’t help our restless mood.

Bern, Switzerland

The tram in Bern.

Bern, Switzerland

The Swiss Alps are all the way in the back. I could see them clearly but the camera doesn’t capture distance very well.

Bern, Switzerland

These chandeliers were for sell at a little shop.

Bern, Switzerland

My camera didn’t capture the depth of color in the trees and the reflection in the water below. It was beautiful.

Bern, Switzerland

This life size chess board was a popular attraction with many people standing around watching the game with lively interest. The large wooden game pieces are worn from years of use.
Bern, Switzerland

The market in Bern where Vilay bought some cheese and a dried sausage.

The cheese was very strong but good. I can’t bring myself to eat dried sausage. The smell makes my stomach turn. However, my children enjoyed it with their father.

To see all the photos I have taken of Bern click here to be taken to a flickr slideshow.

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  • expatraveler November 4, 2007, 12:28 am

    I absolutely loved your photos. Many times you need to manipulate the camera into getting the colors. Try pointing it towards the sky and getting a blue color before clicking. Sometimes this worked even on my old 3meg pixel camera.

    As for the cheese, it looks like it’s gruyere. I miss eating that. WE have it here but P won’t let me buy it. laughs.. it stinks…

    Glad you got out, something we desperately need to do!

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