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Beware, bear will bite!

The other night just after putting the two stinker girls to bed, Mr. Pie and I looked at each other and smiled. All was quiet. Hah! RIGHT! Those two brats were screaming away. So, I went in there to see about clubbing them into unconsciousness. I demanded from Sweet Bear what in the world was going on in that room to make them scream like that. She informed me ever so innocently that Petite Clown had fallen out of the bed and hit her head. Petite Clown had tears streaming down her face which was really just a big hole full of teeth and with a tongue pushing out one huge cry over another. I didn’t hear the normal dull hard bump that accompanies a typical fall out of the bed. However, when I asked Petite Clown if she fell out of the bed she just cried with her head buried in my chest wiping lovely things all over the front of my shirt. How nice of her to share. So, I took that as a yes and kissed her boo boo away tucking her back into bed along with her sister. Then, all was quiet for the rest of the night.

Last night, again with the Petite Clown screaming. I was suspicious when I asked Sweet Bear what had happened and she again told me Petite Clown had fallen out of the bed. Again, I am told Petite Clown fell on the floor hitting her head and again I didn’t hear no head banging the floor kind of sound. So, instead of asking Petite Clown, I took her out into the hall and began to examine first her head and then down. I had not gotten but to her arms when I saw the reason for her screams. Petite Clown had an almost perfect oval shaped mark made by little teeth marks. Little Sweet Bear teeth marks were stamped or rather chomped into little Petite Clown’s arm.

ARRRRRRR! I was furious. I kept cool. Sweet Bear reluntantly climbed out of her bed and told her sister she was sorry for biting her. She didn’t like saying that it was mean. She kept telling me, “Sweet Bear not mean.” I had to put her little bear paws in clown shoes by asking her if she would like it if I were to bite her arm? “No, that mean”, she states straight away. Ahhhhh, she fell right into the Mama trap. “So, it is mean if Petite Clown bites Sweet Bear’s arm?”, I ask. Sweet Bear is becoming suspicious. “Yes, thata mean if she bitta me.”, Sweet Bear says from under her long lashes covering her sea blue eyes. I finish the kill. “Well, if it is mean for Petite Clown to bite you on the arm…it is mean for you to bite her on the arm.” She begins to whimper like a real bear cub and I have to hold myself back from taking my little cuddly bear in my arms. “Sweet Bear not mean, Mama.”, she whispers between tears. “I know you are not mean my little Sweet Bear, but sometimes you do mean things to your sister and it hurts her.” I kissed her tears and her sisters tears away tucking both stinkers back into bed. And, all was quiet except for the soft breathing of a bear and clown.

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  • cj March 25, 2006, 5:33 pm

    Oh the things I get to look forward to!!! :) I am glad that everything worked its self out. I am always amazed by how often we are called to be forensic investigators in this job called “parenthood”.

  • Pumpkin March 25, 2006, 5:43 pm

    So true and I love that…forensic investigators!

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