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Beware. Rough draft!

Not happy about the way the world is going and just letting it out in rough draft!

Warning: I do not like men in power especially if they tolerate killing other people for any reason. I just do not trust them. It goes against nature. A mother carries a baby for nine months only to bring it into a world of hate and lies. I just do not like it!!!

Two years before 9/11 happened I told my husband I felt someone would attack America. It was impossible for so many people to hate America in the world and for some radicals to not attack my country. What I do not understand is that the government of the United States did not see this as clearly as I did. And now I have that awful feeling again. It is a feeling that something bad will happen and that we are at the mercy of ignorance.

Maybe that is it. I feel the ignorance in the world pressing down on me. All the hate and all the selfishness of people everywhere.

On the day my country was attacked something died in me. And only today can I really let myself talk about it. What died? The hope that mankind would someday rise above the waste of lives, rise above the hate, rise above the lies, rise above all the hunger and thirst in the world. The hope that my children or the children of my children would build a world of love and truth where all people could live together with respect. A world where all could believe in themselves and each other. The hope that life would be precious and dear. The hope that mothers could hold their babies knowing that the world would be safe. I don’t know why I ever thought this hope really existed. Why did I believe in something so unreal? All I had to do was turn the news on to see the the world for what it really is. All I had to do was really look to see that it is impossible for people to live together in peace and respect.

I do not believe in religion. I do not believe in anything that has to do with man. I think life should be lived with dignity and respect for oneself and others. If you do not have this then you do not have truth. Men that hide behind religion to validate evil deeds are weak and do not respect life. What died that day was a belief that men were moving into the future and not revisiting the past. A past that is full of war for this or that god. A past that is full of blood. Why?

Why do people kill and justify it in the name of a god? These men like to kill. It has nothing to do with their god. It has everything to do with power. Power. George Bush is a man that hides behind his god. He sends men to fight in a war for oil and power and lies. And the American people, my people, were more upset about President Clinton lying about a blow job. Men die everyday. American and Iraqies because George Bush lied. And this is a religious man? I am not sorry to say that I find this ridiculous.
I have lost faith in mankind. I just do not believe men like Bush or fanatical leaders really care about their gods. No religious man would resort to violence and death. Only more violence and death will result. No god would tolerate death in place of love and respect and forgiveness and understanding. Power and hate and the inability to see a way beyond violence is the reality of a world with these kind of men as leaders. But why do we follow them? Why?

People must be stronger and more tolerate and more respectful for other cultures and countries. Until this happens men like Bush and others that like to play in this game of power will steal my world from me and my children. I want to just live and be happy. Why is that so hard? Why do people just want to fight? I think the problems in the world are simple. Isreal is not innocent and neither is Palestine. America is not innocent but neither are the nameless enemies of America. My question to the world is this. When are we going to say enough? And when are we going to take responsibility and quit pointing fingers? When are we going to really mean what we say? When are we really going to care about something or someone besides ourselves? I mean really care? When are we going to build a world that our children and other peoples children will be happy in? When are we going to stop being afraid and stop following false leaders? Why not follow leaders who are looking out into the future and a future that includes all people of the world in peace and respect? Why is that such a crazy idea? I think it is crazy that it has not happened yet!

What I do believe in is in love and life. But I now know hate and darkness will always find a way into happiness and peace.

Peace is peace. It is not war to get peace. It is not killing for any reason. Why cannot mankind understand something so simple?

Someone that kills does not believe in anything. Unfortunately, there are more people that do not believe in anything real than there are people who believe and hope for a greater reality. I now know this.

I can only hope that someday the current men in power will lose their power and that men of intelligence and respect for other cultures and countries will come into power. But that will not happen as long as men follow blindly leaders that promote hate and ignorance.

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