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Bi-ling children are so much fun!

Multi-cultural is even better.Last night my husband was on the computer waiting for his yucky seafood pizza to get done. I will not eat seafood on pizza. I just can’t. It is like my husbands aversion to peanut butter sandwiches which I still love to eat. I was so excited when my brother sent me two huge jars of Jiffy peanut butter from America. In France, the peanut butter the grocery stores offer is not good. Maybe this is why the French don’t like it? I did recently see Skippy brand peanut butter in a grocery! Another food thing I miss from America that you cannot find in France. You cannot find a pepperoni pizza to save your life. And of course in America this was my favorite. I have already warned my mother that when I go back to visit the states I have a long list of foods that I want to eat again. American style pepperoni pizza with extra sauce and cheese is at the top!

We are what we eat in more ways than just physical. It is a cultural thing. We continue loving to eat what we grew up eating and our children do the same. Right? Well, my children have four cultures they are exposed to. American and French you know about. But I do not think I have told you that my husband is not originally from France. He moved here when he was four years old not knowing any french and speaking two other languages. His parents are not French originally either and are not even from the same country as each other. His father is Asian and his mother is Eastern European. My husband spoke the language of his mother and the language of his father fluently as a child. When he got older he refused to speak anything with them but French. I think that was a mistake. I told my father-in-law if my children try to stop speaking english with me it won’t last long. When they are hungry enough they will ask me to make dinner and I will only understand them when they ask nicely. And, in Engish! I know he thinks I am crazy.

My husband can speak only a little with the Eastern-European side of his family and not at all with the Asian. He lost all of his fathers language. I want my children to be able to speak with my family. It is important. I have even told my husbands parents to speak with the children in their native languages. His mother now sings children songs to the girls in her language. These childrens songs are so beautiful and adorable in her language I wish I could understand what the words meant. Her language was made for children. And it makes her very happy to share her language and culture with her grandchildren. My mother sings American children songs to them as well over the phone. They prance and dance around with the phone pressed to their ear listening and smiling and laughing.

I want my children to grow up knowing that they are special and that they are not just French or American. They are multi-cultural. They eat French food, American food, Eastern-European foord, Asian food and many other types of food. And they love it!

However, Sweet Bear is starting to understand I do not like all the same foods as her father and visa-versa. While my husbands seafood pizza cooks the girls and I eat the “normal” pizza I picked out. Petite Clown yelled for Papa to come and eat! Sweet Bear told Petite Clown, “Papa, pas manger. Papa eat his pizza. Mama no like it!” She understands more about culture differences than most people who are five times her age.
I wish all children and people were so lucky.

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