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Bienne, Switzerland

We took a train trip to Bienne (Biel), Switzerland yesterday due to a severe case of cabin fever. We are not accustomed to living in a small village just yet.

The Lake of Bienne (Lac de Bienne) was beautiful. We had lots of great company. Several swans and ducks came up to say hello to the kids. A little bread helps to get their attention.

Vilay and I.

I love this shot of Sweet Bear enjoy her view.

The old city center.

It was hot outside (29°C-84.2°). Vilay and the girls took advantage of the fountains in the city center. Afterwards, they were soaked but much cooler.

Street in Bienne.

Living in Switzerland is interesting due to the fact that I hear quite alot of German and Italian along with the French when we are out and about visiting bigger cities. Many times signs are in all three languages at the train station, in the trains and official buildings.

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  • expatraveler August 27, 2007, 3:11 am

    I absolutely loved your photos. The one of sweet bear in incredible! And I really mean that… What a great caught in the moment shot.

    I think it is especially great to get out and see the area if you guys can. Did you know you can either train or boat to St. Peter’s Isle where there is a great walk, tower view and eventually an area where you can picnic and enjoy the outdoors and the lac de Bienne. You will eventually end up in the Swiss German speaking town of Erlach. This area will have a festival soon for grapes or beer I think. You will have to check it out as it is truly charming!

    I first went to Bienne in 2002 for the Expo. I then met some expats there and began seeing my friends every Wednesday or the weekends. I think you guys need to venture to Bern one weekend too!

    Et Bonne Semaine a tous… ;-)

  • Pumpkin August 27, 2007, 5:12 am

    My husband told me that Bern is our next daytrip. We hope to have a car soon because we like to get out and explore. We really like to visit other cities and travel. Our children love taking the train which is the highlight of every trip for them. They’ll miss the train when we buy a car!

    We have walked quite alot since moving here. It isn’t always easy with the strollers and kids but we don’t let that stop us. Our children really like living in the mountains. They have many friends that they play with here. The kids stay outside playing all day long just like I did as a kid in America.

  • Ms Mac August 27, 2007, 8:31 am

    I went to Biel/Bienne for an award evening once. Now I think I have to go back, I never knew it was so lovely in the day time!

  • Pumpkin August 27, 2007, 6:03 pm

    You should. It is very nice by the lake and I really enjoyed walking through the oldest part of the city. It is interesting because you can pass someone speaking in German and the next person is speaking in French. There seems to be some parts that are more French than German and the opposite of course but it all blends in well together. :)

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