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Blog Action Day – October 15th, 2007

Blog Action Day is one day of united voices speaking out about the environment. Whether you think the world is going to be covered with water from melted ice or simply think we could be kinder to our environment…I think we would all agree that the environment is an important issue and deserves a day of action. Actually, it deserves 365 days of action. Wonder if there isn’t a flickr group for that? :)

So, you have a blog. What can you do?

The best way to participate is to post on your blog something that relates to the environment. Your post can be about anything to do with the environment. So you could write a post which is offtopic for your blog OR relate the environment back to your topic in some way.

Our aim is to get people thinking, discussing, questioning and talking about the environment, from every angle, niche, viewpoint and personality.

Promotional video for Blog Action Day:


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