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Blogging in a simple manner

I have been fighting the urge to burn this blog and start another one.  I feel like I need to start over.  Yet, I wonder if it is possible to really ever start over with a clean slate (or blog)?

I, personally, believe that our past is reflective of who we are.
All the good and all the bad that we have lived and breathed.

I have good posts on this blog.
I have really crappy posts on this blog.
All the posts are reflective of who I am.

For the moment, I will keep this blog and let it continue to grow with me even as I fight the urge to burn and start over. An urge that feels very strong and primitive. An urge that all humans feel at one time or another.  Whether or not they follow that urge is a personal decision.

I have decided where I want to take this blog. I want to work hard to make this space a place for inspiration and happiness while at the same time reflecting on the not so perfect moments in life.  So, I think keeping the past posts even if they don’t fit my future blogging style is OK.

Those posts are reflective on how I got where I am today.
That is what makes them so important.

This blog will be a simple and true reflection of my life.

The older I get I am drawn to Buddhism.

I have a feeling that this blog will start to reflect this interest even if it isn’t obvious.

My goal in my life is to live correctly.  I want to be correct with everyone that I share my life with and I need to be correct with myself.

My blog is about living correctly (the best I can) and simply.

That is reflective of who I am or at the very least the person I strive to be.

I think I knew all along what I needed to do in this space.  I was just lazy.  :)

Photos taken this past Sunday in Neuchâtel.

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  • anne May 25, 2010, 10:40 am

    I was thinking of doing another blog, so that I could rant about my past and what it has done to be this week… But not going to now.

    I believe you should stick with this blog/… I love it :-)

    • Pumpkin May 25, 2010, 6:15 pm

      Thank you, Anne. I think that sometimes it is best to let it all out. I have facebook for that. My family and REAL friends understand and appreciate me for my candid moments. However, I think those moments (for me) need to happen behind closed doors (even if facebook isn’t the best choice).

      • Pumpkin May 25, 2010, 6:16 pm

        Not that I don’t consider you a real friend. I meant my friends on facebook that care about me as opposed to friends that I just kinda knew in high school.

  • Neil May 25, 2010, 5:32 pm

    That was a very powerful statement. I’d love if you would write a little bit more about it. I have noticed some blogs always show the positive side of life, trying hard to be inspirational, and to me, they sometimes feel false and not inspirational at all, because I learn more from someone failing and getting stronger. I am frequently attracted to blogs that are always positive-oriented, but it is a thin line between Buddhist ideology and glossy fakery in an upscale woman’s magazine, as if the person or magazine was selling an ideal that is almost impossible to obtain without — money, or buying a product. But now I am just ranting, because I am attracted to positive stuff, but afraid of it at the same time. Good luck in your new direction.

    • Pumpkin May 25, 2010, 6:12 pm

      I have the same feeling as you in regard to blogs that are always positive. However, I am not going to only blog about positive things in my life. I am going to be honest about my life in a simple and correct manner on this blog. Honesty is the best policy. :)

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