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Catch a snowflake on your tongue

I know I have been breaking one of the big no, no’s of blogging the past few days. Adding a bunch of links and no real content is one sign of a bad blog.
Oh, ask me if I really care.
One thing you must understand is that I am a very moody person. Not moody as in I am bi-polar. More like moody as in my mind runs at 300 miles per minute and I like change. I just cannot tell stories on every blog entry. Life is not just stories. So, I am sorry if sometimes I get off track so to speak.

The past few days I have been rushing in the holiday spirit. I am excited that Angel Girl is coming to visit soon. So, that explains why I have hung up the tacky Christmas lights! Actually, I think it is cute. Just like real decorations are cute or pretty for only a month and afterwards you are so sick of looking at the decorations and you pull them down gleefully!

Many of you are going to spend the holidays far from your loved ones or even if you are lucky enough to see them every single day, go to this site and make them a snowflake. It is a very beautiful and touching program and lots of fun for you. I have made several over the last few months for Angel Girl and family I miss.

I have even been told to “put down the sissors” by the program. I guess I was getting a bit carried away with my cutting! Enthusiastic cutting is not allowed I guess?

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