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Catching up

Last weekend was a long one due to the holiday and I am just now recovering from it all.  When Vilay is home I tend to do less around the apartment and just relax with the family.

The following are photos that I meant to share with you before but didn’t get around to it.  There are a few from today thrown in as well.

My daughter went to a party. The theme was les Gaulois (Gauls). What a very clever mother that came up with this fun craft activity to make a Gaul costume!

My girls watching a video on the computer. They were so sweet sitting side by side eating their snack.

Emmie Cat surveying the neighborhood. We feel so much safer knowing she is on duty.

A brightly colored bird that my first grader made at school. She picked blue, white and red feathers for France.

Today. It is gloomy outside. This weekend is suppose to be warm and sunny. Yipee!

My first grader made me a vase for Mother’s Day. There is a plastic container inside (water bottle with top cut off) so that I can put water inside.

My daughter in Kindergarten made a beautiful picture that her teachers sent off to a company to be made into a tray.  That is me with my four little hearts (children) beside me.

My first grader made me this beautiful card.

Here is the inside of the card. I love the pop-up heart.

A friend gave my son a garage that her son didn’t want to play with anymore. My son has played with it non-stop for three days!

My In-laws should be here today or tomorrow.  They have been walking for about 10 days (from Strasbourg to our village).  I can’t wait to hear all about their adventure!

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  • anne May 21, 2010, 10:51 am

    Cute things from your children :-)

    Wow what an amazing walk.. I wish my husband was a bit more adventurous… !

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