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Cathedral of Strasbourg’s missing tower mystery solved

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Why is there only one tower on the Cathedral of Strasbourg? Simple question that two of my readers asked but not easy to answer. I was surprised that on several websites it is meantioned that there is only one tower instead of the usual two on Gothic Cathedrals built during the same period as the Cathedral of Strasbourg. However, not one of these websites explained why.

The answer was not to be found on the internet (although I spent over an hour searching) but in the isle of a our local grocery store! I was waiting on my husband to finish browsing the magazine isle and looked down to see a picture of the Cathedral of Strasbourg covering the front of LE POINT. LE POINT has focused the October 20, 2005 issue on Strasbourg. The issue is called “Strasbourg Insolite.” Inside I found the secret of the missing tower as well as many other interesting facts about Strasbourg.

The mystery solved:

There is a record that digging was done to see if the foundation could support a second tower. And the finding is that it could not. Even with it’s lone tower, I think the Cathedral of Strasbourg is the most beautiful cathedral I have seen to date.

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