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Caught red handed

I took my camera out of it’s case. I started previewing and deleting pictures that I had already uploaded to my flickr account. I am stopped by an image that is labeled video. I hadn’t taken a video with the camera for months. I get out of the delete function and press ok to view the video. I thought perhaps Vilay was making a video for his blog.

A smile spreads across my face when I see the crazy angles as the camera is pivoted around. At the end I see the unmistakable lips of my Petite Clown.  She has those beautiful full lips that I always wished I could have.

I continue through several short videos and some pictures. She’s pretty good at operating a digital camera for a three year old!

The stinker never had a clue that she had left me with more than evidence of her adventures with my camera…she had left me sweet memories of her curiosity and intelligence as a child.

I just love my Petite Clown.

Caught red handed 1
Video sent by pumpkinpie

Hmmm…Petite Clown is wondering what all the buttons are for.

I have no clue what this picture is.

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  • samantha March 10, 2007, 10:14 am

    That is SO cute. You’re so lucky to have such great kids!

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