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Chateau du Pourtales


We come here often to walk and play with the children as do many families and young couples. The Chateau du Pourtales is surrounded by trees and we can walk without difficulty on the paths with the babies.

There is a huge open field where last summer, I saw some young college students playing American Football of all things. I was not close enough to hear if they were French or American but none the less it was strange to see. I have seen baseball played in small groups here too. I think I will have to get some baseball gloves, a bat and baseball to teach the kids this fine American pass time.

As a girl, I loved to play baseball. My cousin, K (also, a girl), and I would beat the pants off all our boy cousins. Sometimes up to four boys playing against us two girls.

They always accused my grandfather who refereed the game of letting us win. Sissies! We beat them fair and square.

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