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I did a one word meme, yesterday. I forgot to add into the post that I changed the meme from one word answers to more of a questionnaire.

Luckily, Patdem picked that part up when he did his. Go read it here.

I was feeling too chatty for one word to each question. Instead, I pretended I was being interviewed and answered the questions like that.

Last night around two morning I opened my eyes and remembered that I didn’t put it in the post that I had changed the meme from one word to an interview.

Laughing at myself, I pulled the covers tighter around me and wondered if my blog was becoming work.

During the time I worked as a manager at the bank, I often would wake up in the middle of the night and think about what I needed to do the next day organizing it all in my head. I would sometimes have nightmares that I forgot to lock the vault, send a loan down for processing or many other simple but very important tasks that were critical to my job. It was a stressful job. I hated it.

I love blogging. No nightmares to report after over two years of coming up with something to say almost daily.

I told you I was chatty.

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  • patdem October 25, 2007, 8:49 pm

    thanks to add me on your list

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