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Chili in the pot!

Thank you, Mom and Trav, for sending me a little bit of home for the holidays!

I made chili soup like back home for dinner tonight. My brother sent me Brooks brand chili beans in the can and some chili powder back in the summer and my mother sent me saltine crackers with the girls Christmas presents. It is hard to find saltine crackers in France or if you do the crackers are outragously expensive. Same thing with kidney beans. A small can of kidney beans can cost you over two euro. I think it is getting cheeper and after tonights meal will go ahead and splurg on chili making ingredients because it is soooooo gooood. And, it is easy to make.

I scrambled up some hamburger and poured in the chili beans, added some chili powder and tomato sauce. And, Voila!

We all sat down and ate two bowls each. My girls who have never had chili kept telling me that how good it was over and over. My French husband loaded his up with crackers. In America, the first time he saw crackers he told me that he would not eat that dried bread. Well, that was before he understood that crackers and soup were made for each other. Now, he loads up his soup with crackers like a pro. He knows just how to crush them into the soup perfectly. Believe it or not I had to teach him the proper technique. The first time he had crackers and soup he placed each cracker in the soup whole and then he used his spoon to break them. So, I helped the poor guy out by teaching him how to crush and drop.

I think he really missed chili as much as I did. During his three years living in the U.S. he acquired a taste for American food. American food is not just fast food. Believe it or not, Americans really do cook real food. I know my in-laws think we ate out every single meal while living in America and when we did not eat out we only ate steak. They tune me out when I try to tell them otherwise. They must think we were rich in America or have no idea that eating out or a good steak is expensive even in America.

That’s o.k. because I think we will eat this chili for the next two days. Maybe, I should invite the in-laws over to try some? Chili is wonderful when it is freezing outside.

Who said American food is not good! Actually, American food is yummmyyyyyy! See the picture of chili. Is your tummy growling? Mine was.

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