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China is no doll…China is the Hulk


In my opinion all trade and deals with China should be off. The Chinese government is responsible for continued human rights violations. Yet, most countries in the world continue doing business with China. Why?

Oh, that’s easy…Money.

I am not going to point fingers or name names…I don’t have enough fingers and it would take the rest of my life to name the names of those that would never give up the money to be made from China. However, why don’t these companies or individuals set up shop in other countries where labor is cheap?  Or, better yet…why not try to curve our addictions and find ways to make it on our own?
I think we are too dependent on China. This is scary because China is gaining power in the world. The Western world is bowing at China’s feet. We are held prisoners in a prison that we helped build.

Green is addictive. Just ask the Hulk.

What is money when others are paying with their lives and organs? China executes hundreds if not thousands of prisoners each year. After the execution of a prisoner, China is strongly suspected of selling the prisoners organs to people that travel to China for organ transplantes.

My husband and I watched a movie, The Island, the other night about organ harvesting of clones. This movie really made me think about the reality of something like this happening (once science figures it out) and the fact that alot of people may not have a problem with it. However, in my opinion, China is not far off from the reality. Harvesting the organs of executed prisoners is disturbing. Hey, maybe that is the next big goldmine in China? I don’t see China having ethical problems with cloning or the harvesting of clones for organs. It is scary to think about such a thing. China is one of the few countries that would be able to carry it off without many problems.

Enough sci-fi….Back to facts.

We are as dependent on China’s cheap products as we are on oil. Actually, it would be more accurate to say we are more dependent. China makes just about everything we use. I recently saw a report that China was even beginning to grow and ship cut flowers. Flowers!

What have we learned from history? Powerful people only care about power. What are a few lives anyway? Who cares about those poor Chinese prisoners…we can’t save everyone.

Funny how people only start caring when it hurts them personally. People are like fat cows chewing grass in a nice green field. They only get upset when their grass in their field is mowed. Who cares about those cows in the neighboring field? No one.

So, keep chewing or think about it!

By the way, there is hope. China may be losing it’s edge?

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  • kim April 20, 2006, 2:26 pm

    Ahhh, the almighty dollar, I hate it!!

    Lets all find an Island, we shall call it bloggerville, we will all just trade and barter, and no green involved, unless its guacomole, spinach, green m&m’s or whatever…mmmm, I know, i’m crazy!

    Can bloggerville, have a really nice sandy beach, with clear blue water, and a nice lagoon with fresh water…lets take the blue lagoon..:)

    i’m feeling so special, I am the first one to comment…woohoo, made my day!

  • sp April 20, 2006, 5:37 pm

    A particularly irritating aspect to doing business with China is that even though most countries and many companies are willing to do business with China in spite of their human rights record (falsely inflated currency, etc.), China (and its businesses) behave in a completely arrogant and bullish manner. Rather than behaving like “ok, WE are lucky that the world is willing to do business with us in spite of our track record”, they instead come to the bargaining table and ultimate business relationship like they have a God complex and think they are above the general laws of business that have been in place throughout most of the modern world for quite some time. Chinese companies are notorious for stealing intellectual property rights and not complying with their contracts.

    I can also tell you that on a personal level, negotiating with the Chinese is like willingly subjecting yourself to a horrible abusive relationship (especially if you are a woman at that bargaining table). I often semi-joke with my clients that I deserve extra hazard pay if a Chinese company is going to be invoved.

    On a base level here at home, what pisses me off the most (lately) is that eBay continues to allow blatant fraud out of China to take place on its website.

    The ultimate message to China is that they can behave however they want and it will have no impact on them whatsoever. Why should they change?

  • Pumpkin April 20, 2006, 7:04 pm

    Thank you, SP. You drove my point home better than I ever could have.

    Why are they getting away with so much and it is putting the rest of us in bad situation because we are now dependent on all the cheap stuff they unload on us. :(
    I didn’t know about Ebay. That is incrediable!!!

    Kim, If I were a big blogger making money here…I’d give you a prize :)
    I do wish money wasn’t such a huge part of our lives. I do understand we need money to live but to live for money isn’t the same.

  • sp April 20, 2006, 9:39 pm

    China is behaving badly (and getting away with it) because they know that they present an enormous market to the rest of the world in terms of consumers. Just think that in the USA a large percentage of families own at least one TV set (or computer, car or stereo- generally speaking, of course), whereas in China the percentage of TV (computer, car, stereo, etc.) ownership is much, much less. Then take that high percentage of people in China who don’t own these things and multiply it by the vast number of people in China. Even if China and the USA had the same amount of people, there are so many consumers in China who don’t own these products and might want to do so. Assuming that a TV set is a necessity (poor example, I know), how many people in the USA “need” a TV set vs. How many people in China “need” a TV set? It is bargaining power. Buy in bulk… get better prices. Provide more “needy” consumers play by your own rules.

    It is pure greed on the part of the companies willing to do business on China’s terms- even when those “terms” go against the grain of generally accepted worldwide business practices.

    Take a look at eBay sometime. It is absolutely shameful. I can understand the occasional fraudulent item, but I cannot understand how a Seller can have multiple complaints due to the sales of fakes, have what appear to be even more fakes for sale (e.g. a Burberry bikini for $20) and yet eBay doesn’t remove them from the website.

    I also want to comment to those readers who might want to suggest that the USA is also guilty of human rights violations or behave in an arrogant or bullish manner… at least most US companies do business like the majority of the participants in the business world. This is about China not playing the business game fairly.

  • Wu Ming April 21, 2006, 11:27 am

    Yes, it’s true there are human rights abuses in China. There always have been, and it’s certainly deplorable and should be denounced.

    But here is the Chinese point of view: China is now in the best period for human rights in its entire 4000-year history. During the Cultural Revolution, when millions of people died, there were no outraged protests from the Western World. Why do Westerners care now?

    Most Chinese people are better off now than they have ever been in history. Things are improving quickly, including in the area of human rights. You can’t go from 0 to 60 mph in a few seconds, and it will take many years to move a billion and a half people. But since 1980 or so, and starting from a very bad place, the Chinese are going in the right direction about as fast as any large country ever has.

    The Chinese are understandably cynical that now, when the actual situation for most people is noticeably better than before, the media and the Western world are suddenly so concerned about Chinese human rights. That seems very hypocritical to the Chinese. The obvious reason, to them, is that the West is not concerned about Chinese people but about its own jobs.

  • Pumpkin April 21, 2006, 12:02 pm

    Wu Ming-

    I want to thank you for your comment. I never dreamed that someone with an inside view would read or comment on this post. I am very happy that you have shared your view with us. Really.

    I do understand that China in many ways is better than before. However, it is not a bad thing to see what is still wrong and talk about it. I write about things that are wrong in the US and France as well.

    I would like to answer your last statement about the fact the the Western world cares now when they did not before.

    China is a player in the world economy now when it was not before…so, that means the world watches China as it watches the US, England, France, Russia, Germany..etc. Would the world care about the US if it were not powerful? I don’t think so.
    Is it right that people are like this? No, but it is the reality. I would like to see the world watching the countries that are poor and powerless with more interest. But, people are only REALLY interested when it effects them the most. Maybe, that is why Bush’s approval rating is dropping…gas prices are going up. So, people care more when it hits them in their pocket and not really so much when hundreds have died in a war that was based on a lie. Go figure.

    I care when human rights violations occur in any country as do most people in my opinion. However, I didn’t know much about China until the last five years. Most of what I know I read on the internet. The world is getting smaller every single day due to the internet. I think the internet is the reason people know more about other countries and talk more about it. Blogs are a huge part of this spreading of information.

    I think that China is being talked about more because the world knows more.

    I think the media is more interested because of China’s power but I think everyday people are interested because they are able to understand more about other countries due to the internet. I would like to add that people may care and want to know about it while at the same time we don’t act to change it. We just stay in our own worlds for the most part and watch. I think this will have to change as the world becomes smaller. All people will feel more connected and China will not seem so far away from the Western world.

    Regardless, it is a fact that the Western world is too dependent upon China for cheap products.  I think this is why China gets away with so much.  It isn’t fair that China doesn’t play by the rules when everyone else must.  China is apart of the global economy…China should play by the rules or not play at all…in my opinion.  However, money talks more than morals.

  • g April 22, 2006, 5:58 am

    when it comes to money… all religions speak one language.. cultures and tradition take a back seat while values are thrown out the window…. saad but true..
    its not just china, china offers only incentive, the companies are us/eu companies too…
    its just plain and simple, money talks…and how

  • Pumpkin Pie April 22, 2006, 9:32 am

    I know that is what depresses me.

  • tongue in cheek April 26, 2006, 12:42 pm

    Change begins with each person. We all are responsible for what is happening…we are consumers looking for the best price. And taht comes with a hefty price tag in the end.

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