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Cleaning up the blog and a stinky kid or two

I will be cleaning up the blog over the next weeks. I have no clue what to name it. I can’t really leave the name as “From my French Window” when I don’t live in France any longer. I guess I could argue that our family is Franco-American and that is where the French comes in. I don’t know if it really even matters what the name is. Once my husband told me to just name it Pumpkin or Pumpkin Pie. I think I will just carry on with blogging here in the States and one day I am sure it will come to me.

I can hear Petite Clown yelling Boy Blue’s name over and over followed by happy giggles from him. He is running down the hallway to peep inside the girls room from around the corner. Perched in the bed are the two girls sitting rather than laying as they should be waiting for his bright face to surprise them. When they see him both girls laugh in excitement. I am sitting with a smile across my face waiting for the next wave of giggles.

The giggles will have to be put on pause for the moment due to the intensely unpleasant smell that is waffing out of Boy Blue’s diaper. It’s to bad that gas masks don’t drop down automatically covering our faces at the first hint of a poo alert! Geez, I could use one now.

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  • Alison August 30, 2006, 4:36 am

    These two latest posts made me smile.

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