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We have construction going on here and there all over our village. It has been interesting to watch our village grow little by little over the last three years.

Busy day today with laundry and continuing to organize for our move at the end of this month.  I will meet with my youngest daughter’s teachers tonight for a parent-teacher conference.

My relationship with my daughter’s teachers started out a little rocky.  However, I can honestly say that is all in the past.  I adore these two teachers and am so happy that my girls were able to spend their first years at school with them.

They are two wonderful teachers and wonderful women.

We are going to miss them.

My son will go to Kindergarten at the other Kindergarten school. The director doesn’t like siblings to all go to the same Kindergarten. He likes to miss it up which I can understand.

On Friday, we will go visit my son’s Kindergarten class.  We are looking forward to meeting his teacher and classmates.  I have already seen his teacher several times since we live in a small village.

She is super nice and I am sure my son will be as happy in her class as my girls were in theirs.

We have lots of changes coming for our family.

It makes us happy.

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