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Cow love

I never knew how affectionate cows were until we moved here. It makes it a little harder to enjoy a steak when I see moments like this on a regular basis.

Cow love

Cow love

Cow love

Our parent-teacher meeting was last night. Last week, I had it mixed up thinking it was Thursday but that was Vilay’s birthday.  :)

It went well. My six year old has come so far in class. She was very shy before. It was so bad she wouldn’t answer questions that her teachers asked her. It is no longer the case and she has no problem talking to the teachers, other students or even other professionals that come to do activities in the classroom.

She still needs to work on asking when she doesn’t understand something.  Things must generally be explained to her twice for her to get it.  I think she is too detail oriented that she has trouble seeing the whole picture.  This is my impression as her mother.

Her level in French is good but she is still missing vocabulary. I am going to make an effort to start quizzing her on the names of objects around her. I will do this in French and English since she is missing vocabulary in English as well.  On the other hand, she is advanced in her understanding of math and has strong problem solving skills. She often completes activities and games that other students are not able to.  I am not worried for her since I think the language will come.

The teachers said that she still can’t count to twenty which is important for her to do before starting elementary school. I was surprised because she has been able to do this for over a year now. Sure enough, when we left the building my husband asked her to count as high as she could and she went up to thirty in French. I think she is still a little shy and lacks some confidence when she is at school. I am not concerned because I know that she is going to find her way and every day I can see that she is more and more confident in her abilities.  This summer, I will find ways for her to build her confidence and learn to trust herself.

My five year old is strong in French (and, English). Her teachers said that they are sometimes surprised by the things that she says because the level is higher than most children her age.  I have to admit that we never know what will come out of her mouth…In a good way.   She is still shy in class but doing better. We were told she is, also, a little stubborn but when they push her she does fine.

Next year, she will begin to do the learning activities and games that her sister is doing this year. The first year is more about socialization and the second year of Kindergarten starts getting more serious in order to prepare the children for elementary school while still focusing on socialization.

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  • Evolving June 10, 2009, 12:50 pm

    I love cows so much, but because I love meat as well I am forced to NEVER EVER think about how the things I eat are produced. They are not related to me, somehow.

    As for your lovely babies, it is not a surprise to me that they are so bright! And the gentle shyness is a tender quality that will make your oldest such a sweet woman – just like her mom!

  • expatraveler June 10, 2009, 2:31 pm

    The report on your girls sounds outstanding! And I agree, summer will do them well. It brings flashbacks for me as I loved the school I went to. It was private, small, and had computers, french and art all at junior kindergarten level!

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