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If you consider yourself a crazy, hip blog Mama click on the image above and sign up for this cool webring! You can join in a writing collaboration by posting about a given topic found on the collaborating writing page. It sounds like alot of fun.

You can find my other buttons and webrings on the sidebar filed under Pumpkin Patches if you are interested in finding other cool places to call your own.

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  • Wendy April 9, 2006, 7:57 pm

    Hiya – just been catching up with your site…I actually like these blues you have in place…and I bet you’ll have fun playing around with it. Do you have the free wordpress or the paying one- coz when I looked at it I couldn’t tweak the templates which I found off-putting…but it was the free one.

    I hope you get the passport story sorted and can wing your way home for a bit – that will bo so cool. Lucky you!

    Good luck!

  • Pumpkin April 9, 2006, 9:06 pm

    I am in the middle of getting all the paperwork together for his passport with the hope we can do get it done in Paris. I have to prove that I lived in America for five out of my life…easy, since my whole life was spent there until I moved to France. Right now I am searching for my divorce papers from my ex husband. Why I have to keep proving that I am not married to him any longer drives me bongers! Thanks for the good wishes.

    Wordpress is free no matter if you use it hosted by them for free – like the blog you set or if you use another host which is generally not free – like I have done through Bluehost. So, I can tweak my template all I want. I was very disappointed that Wordpress didn’t allow people to tweak their templates hosted by them. If they had I would have just went with them and never set up my own domain. I think Wordpress should go ahead and be like Typepad by charging a mthly fee to use their services if you want to tweak a blog hosted by them. However, Wordpress doesn’t want to ever charge people for the use of Wordpress. It is a big part of their philosophy.
    I really love Wordpress and recommend it to anyone that is setting up a blog on their own domain. It is beautiful and flexible. It has a few hiccups but I wouldn’t switch to anything else. I really wouldn’t. But, I wouldn’t want to set up a blog hosted by them and not be able to even add a stat counter, images or some buttons. Sorry. I do know that the Expat Blog – there is a button on my sidebar linking to them – is eventually going to offer blogs and I think it will be free. I am sure that whatever they offer will be very nice because everything they is very well thought out and just beautiful. I love their blog, directory and forums. Keep an eye out for them to see if they offer free blogs soon.

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