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I am learning a new job in another department at work.  I love it!  It is fast paced and I never watch the clock.  The people in the department are all friendly and work as a team.  It makes all the difference in the world.  I look forward to the day. 

Where is it that I am spending my days?  I am being trained to work in the produce department at the grocery store where I work.  I get to cut up fruits and vegetables all day.  Next week, I will be trained to put the product in containers and price them. 

Today, I set up the salad bar in about the same amount of time as the regular girl.  Everyone says she is really, really fast.  I didn’t finish out my first day by myself as quickly as she does.  It doesn’t matter.  I am working hard and I enjoy it.  I will pick up speed as time goes by.

This is what makes me mad about this whole immigration issue with Vilay.  I wanted to do a job like this in the beginning so that I could get certified to teach in the state we decided to move to.  Vilay would work a “real” job while we saved for the move.  We planned it this way for the children.  I enjoy spending my days with them more than he does.  It is hard for him when they are so little.  He doesn’t have the patience that I do.

Now, I have to leave this job when I find a higher paying job.  A higher paying job will mean more responsibility.  More responsibility means more hours and more stress.  All of this means less time with the kids.  Then, when Vilay finds a job I will either continue with the higher paying job or have to look for a job like the one I am doing now.  Most likely, I will have to look for a job like I am doing now.  Otherwise, it will be too hard juggling the kids. 

This whole immigration issue is not a little matter of me finding a job.  It is a big freaking mess. 

We were excited about moving back to the States.  We still are happy about living here except for this problem.  I still think that our life in America will be more secure financially once Vilay and I are able to get things moving.

We hate living in Ohio.  I know that not all states are like this.  Ohio doesn’t offer much as far as entertainment or walking.  There isn’t a lot to see around Dayton.  We are a little stir-crazy between the immigration issue and not being able to explore cities and villages like we loved to do in France.

I’m not giving up on America.  We’ll see this through.  If we do end up back in France it will not be for lack of fighting. 

I do want to return to France one day.  If Vilay went to school for something he could do in France or Switzerland, we would move back to France.  However, if that doesn’t happen we will stay here in America.  We’ll find a place that makes us happy.  We really like Chicago, Florida and out west.  We could find an old van and drive out into the desert.  We can do whatever we want.  Our life is an adventure.  Everyone’s life is an adventure.  No one knows what the next day will bring. 

All I do know that my Saturday will be in produce.  I will have fun and get to work with a bunch of great people.  I really missed American humor and my own culture.  I have had a great week talking with others as I work.  I get all the little jokes that refer to movies or old t.v. shows.  I know all the songs that come on the radio.  We talk about politics and social issues that affect the world.  Like I said the day goes by quickly.  I love it!  

I hope you all have a great weekend.

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