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Deal or no deal

Last month I had made a post about my favorite French game show that I watch while cleaning up the apartment just before the kids head off to bed. Notice I said just before because anything short of just before they go to bed is simply a complete waste of time. It will be all torn out again in five minutes flat. Boy, those kids are fast when they want to be.

A Prendre ou A Laisser seems to have spread to other countries as well. Now, mother’s in at least four different countries have the perfect show for cleaning.

Here are links to all of the versions of A Prendre ou A Laisser:

French version
prendre ou a laisser

American version

English version

Australian version
au deal or no

Since moving to France I am amazed that really there is not much difference between the cultures as we make. We watch pretty much the same kind of tv shows and listen to the same music. We eat basically the same food just prepared differently. We all have an ambition to make the world safer and better. We all have goals and dreams as well as faults and wrong doings. No one person or culture is perfect.

Maybe just maybe, we focus too much on the differences and not enough on the similarities in the Western cultures. We could even say that ALL cultures have the same basic wants and needs.

People are people the world over.

When I first moved to France, everything was new and I saw mostly the differences between the cultures, American and French. Even though those differences were actually small I made them bigger in my mind separating myself, an American, from the French.

The longer I live here I see that really the cultures have small differences and each day these differences become less significant. It is all a state of mind really. I find myself, after two years of life in France, metamorphosed into a new creature. A more open and understanding person.

No matter how old we are we are always, in a sense, still growing up.

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