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I talked to Catholic Community Services today.  I was told that my father would be totally responsible for Vilay even if he were in an accident.  I was, also, told that I could be declined as a sole sponsor due to my having not worked in the last three years even if I found a job making the required amount.  It comes down to who has my petition in front of them.  It depends of what mood they are in and what their regional guidelines are. 

I, also, called Congressman Turner’s office.  I talked to someone who is going to help me.  Honestly, I don’t think they will be able to do much.  Basically, I am either accepted as Vilay’s sponsor or not by the guidelines of CIS.

We have 87 days to submit proof that I can sponsor Vilay alone (and it may still not be accepted) or we have a joint sponsor. 

I am furious.

We should not have to do this.  We should have the same rights as any other American family.  

Vilay is married to an American.  Vilay has three American children.  Vilay is a part of an American family.  Vilay, as a member of an American family, should have the right to live and work in the States (at the very least).  Otherwise, it is like I am being told our family is less American than other American families. 

Hmmmm.  Try telling me that to my face!  Oh!  And, what about my kids?  Can someone explain to them why their country is telling their father that he must return to France unless their mother makes more money?  On top of that…Can you go ahead and explain to them why Mama can stay with them in France even if we have no money what-so-ever and we must live in a shelter? 

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  • Jessica January 18, 2007, 2:27 am

    Wellllllllll……….. Here’s my idea # 567.

    What if you guys purchase high deductible insurance for Vilay, assure your father that you will maintain it, and that in three years time, you’ll become your own sponsors and take the burden off of him? That is, if your worst case scenario happens.

    Maybe you can call someone at the immigration office and ask if you will be able to act as sponsor or not.

  • kim January 18, 2007, 7:53 am

    I’m soooo sorry that you have to go through this, it just defies logic!!!!

    I hope the congressman can help!

    Good luck!

    I’m praying every day and sending many wishes and luck your way!

  • Cathy Y. January 18, 2007, 9:15 am

    Pumpkin, not trying to pooh-pooh the Catholic services that you called, but are they actually attorneys? I’m not sure that the buck stops there. As you know, my dad’s neighbor who is an immigration specialist disagreed with the part about the paying for an accident. I think I’d get another, more professional opinion IF at all possible.

    Assuming that they are correct, however, I think Jessica’s suggestion is a good one: high-deductible insurance can be had very cheaply, probably well under $100/month. That would mean he would have to pay out of pocket for normal doctor visits, but in the event of a very expensive catastrophe, after the deductible (let’s say $5000 or more per year) was paid, the insurance would kick in and your Dad’s major financial assets relating to his retirement would be safe. I think I’d be looking at that option myself. You can find such insurances on the internet. I think ehealthinsurance.com may be a site that does this, and there may be other similar ones.

  • Kate January 18, 2007, 2:15 pm

    I am somewhat surprised by the CCS statement that a sponsor is totally financially responsible for the alien, even in the case of an accident; that is simply not true. I’d speak to someone else at CCS about that because, as I said before, it is simply not the case! It’s a shame that such falsities are perpetuated.

    The bit about who has your file is somewhat more accurate, except that you can’t be denied on financial grounds if you meet the current poverty guidelines, regardless of past earnings or lack thereof. So, such a denial could be corrected, albeit it would take time and $$$. Perhaps whoever told you this was referring more to the case worker’s overlooking the bit about having the past three years of tax returns. That would actually make more sense to me.

    If I could make a suggestion . . . try to stop focusing on the perceived unfairness of the process; you are wasting too much energy. The process is what it is, and the financial requirements are not going to change. There are some good reasons behind it. It might be better to focus your energies figuring out how to do what needs to be done.


  • buzzgirl January 18, 2007, 8:14 pm

    Just adding my voice to the “get another opinion” crowd.

    You can contact your local bar association (http://www.ohiobar.org/pub/?articleid=72) for a referral… the service is free, and often the lawyer will not charge for a consultation.

    Good luck, and sorry this is all so difficult.

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