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Diaper dilima

We all know every kid loves McDonald’s. Even in France. We, also, know it is not the food that the kids love. It is the bright colors and most of all the play area! Well. My kids are no stranger to the good ole golden arches. Even here in France I must admit I seak the convience and smell of home! This past summer while on a day long road trip visiting little villages as our family regularly does on the weekends. We made a stop at McDonald’s. I was pregnate with my son at the time. So, having a seat in the warm sun outside watching the three girls climbing in and out of the play equipement was great!!!! No screaming, fighting, or the sound of their favorite english word. MINE!!! Just laughter and squells of excitement! You know McDonald’s has a good thing going with this. Tired parents all over the world love the hour of peace McDonald’s brings us. Well. This was my little spot of sunshine and happy memories to be stored for later. That was until my oldest daughter came to me and said, “You need to get the M-monster!” This is the nickname for my second daughter. The locked in bathroom story below lets you see she works hard to keep the nickname!!!! I am like O.K. WHY!!! And right on que I hear the familiarI AM NOT LIKING THIS AND WILL NOT STOP SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS UNTIL YOU CAN NO LONGER HEAR!!! scream. AHHHHH!!! Not a Kodak moment! My husband (God, love him) just came out of the building and reached in the slide pulling out my two and half year old. Eyes, nose and mouth all runny with tears. As my husband came back to me he said in a wisper, “Come on. We have to go. NOW!!” “What??? Is she ok???” “Yes!!!! Just come NOW!!!!” he tells me a little above a wisper this time to show he means it! No problem!!! I knew by the look on his face it was serious! The whole time my oldest daughter was running around like the little mother hen that she is making sure her little sis is getting prompt attention!!! This time I was happy big sis was running up to us “tattling” on her little sister! With her, “You gotta get the M-Monster quick”I was already preparing for the worst in my mind and I was not disappointed. As my husband went to fish out the M-monster he over heard a little french boy explaining that there was ka-ka blanc (allow me to translate Simply….white poop) in the slide!! And it did not take my husband long due to the intense screaming coming from the mouth of our child to figure out she had something to do with it. It turns out that my daughters diaper caught on something in the slide and out came the white filling. I must add. Yes, it was a little yellow as well. Sorry people who work at that particular McDonald’s! To make it worse. As my husband is carrying her to me to tell me to come on NOW and then to the car to make a quick getta way he is leaving a trail of ka-ka blanc all the way to the car!!! Good Heavens. Sometimes you just wish you were an ostrich! Needless to say, I changed the torn diaper for a new and cleaner one. But, my little M-monster was still traumatised by her busted diaper dilima that she cried herself to sleep after…. ohhhhhh an hour! Note to self. Still need to buy earplugs. Ohhh yeahhhh. I forgot. I can’t hear so well anyway after three girls! Well. It was fine because my husband, oldest daughter and myself laughed so hard we also had tears in our eyes for at least in hour. The thought of the little boys parents being told there was WHITE POOP in the slide was just TOO MUCH!!!!

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