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It is all grey outside today.
I am doing laundry.

Had to take down a neighbor’s (or more like a couple neighbors’) clothes from the lines in the laundry room…AGAIN.

The tiny laundry room is a big mess with clothes (dirty and clean) everywhere.
Not just my clothes.
As it should be.

A little grumpy because of that due to the FACT that I can only do laundry once a week!!!

Can’t understand why some people in this building think it is OK to leave the laundry room like that knowing that it is my day (or someone else’s) and not theirs.

I am 100 percent sure they would be very upset if I (or someone else) did the same thing to them on their laundry day.

Some people in this building just don’t think or care about others.

I just threw their clothes all mixed together in one laundry basket.

The only basket that was there.

I threw the clothes pins right in with the clothes.

I would NEVER expect someone else to take down my clothes for me.

I ALWAYS leave the laundry room clean for the next person even if that means I have to wake up before 6 in the morning to do it.

That is called being polite and correct with others.

It is always dirty in this building.

Not at all Swiss like.

Or American or French like (unless you live in a very bad building which we don’t).

Counting the days until we move and life becomes normal again.

Looking forward to living in a building where others can’t leave their clothes hanging FOR DAYS until someone else must take them down in order to do their own laundry.

Counting down the days…DAYS…until we get out of this hell hole of a building.

I do have photos of pretty flowers to brighten up this dreary day!

Look close at the photo above and you will see ants on the unopened flower. The ants were crawling all over these flowers.

Now back to the trenches.

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  • Frédérique June 8, 2010, 4:43 pm

    Hopefully the laundry days in your next home will be more organised… It’s so agreable to wash the clothes whenever you want (pfffff). Enjoy your week !
    Your “coups de gueule” make me smile (sorry), I’m sure life is gonna be easier soon.

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