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Easter vacation

Vilay found out last Thursday that he was laid off for all of this week. We decided to call his parents and ask to visit them in Strasbourg for a few days. We ended up leaving Friday and returning today.

I feel so much better about so many things after this mini-vacation. It has cleared my head.

I know where we need to go.

We just need to work hard and sacrifice a little (or a lot) to get there.

No matter what.
We are moving…In the right direction.

This I am sure of.

I deleted the last few posts because that isn’t really what I want this blog to be about even if it is what was going on in my life at that time. I did learn something from that whole mess though. It was that I am silly to worry about what mean and hateful people have to say. It is only them that they are hurting because everyone sees them for who they really are anyway.  They can’t hide their ugliness.

They aren’t happy in their lives and I won’t let them try to make me unhappy in mine. :)

I hope you all had a Happy Easter.

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